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THC Detox Kits – Pass Your Drug Tests With Ease

When you are looking for a method to void the body of drug traces, one of the considered options are detox kits. But the question is, do they work?

While many claims to detoxify the body from drugs know that many such products don’t “detox.” They most often only help you beat a drug test. Beating a drug test is a far cry from medical procedures that clear the body of physical dependence on drugs.

Some of the most effective detox kits in the market are THC detox kits. They reportedly have a high success rate and have been proven to gradually clear the body of any noticeable metabolites left in the system.

How can you find suitable THC detox kits in the market? One has to narrow down one’s search to reputable products, among them are High Voltage and Qcarbo32.


Formulated with ideal detox ingredients such as phosphoric acid, carbs, vitamins, as well as herbal concentrations, Qcarbo32 is a drink made to detox THC if one is going for a urine test. It usually takes 5 hours after taking the drink to do its job, which is restoring crucial body nutrients to their default levels. Subsequently, this will reduce the chances of a drug test coming out positive, thanks to the mixture of unique herbal supplements in the drink. 

With that said, can Qcarbo32 be detected in a urine test? Qcarbo32 cannot be detected in a urine test. However, rare exceptions may surface if the user doesn’t follow the stipulated instructions.

Does Qcarbo32 work for all drugs? Being a herbal blend, Qcarbo32 has tendencies to streamline chemicals present in the body from other drugs, but it isn’t viable because the drink is specially made to flush out THC.

High Voltage Detox Drink

High Voltage Detox Drink is another detox kit to help remove toxins in the body. While the product isn’t mainly marketed to help detoxify the body before a urine drug test, it has been commonly used for such purpose and has got approval for its effectiveness. Again, this particular product won’t entirely detoxify you. It will help you beat a drug test, which is the quick, go-to option for people who have got impromptu urinalysis to take.

It is strongly recommended that a user stay away from any drug 48 hours before the High Voltage detox drug test with Global Advances in Health and Medicine. And when taking a High Voltage detox drink, a user should have taken the drink 8 hours before the test.

Although this product isn’t formulated with too many herbs, one may face possible side effects if the user is allergic to some of its content. For this reason, it is advised that a user check the content before using it. In rare cases, a user may experience vomiting or water intoxication, even though very unlikely. 

Other than Qcarbo32 and High Voltage Detox Drink, there are several other detox products out there, but one has to look for genuine user reviews to be sure of their effectiveness.